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General Fishing Information

This page is designed to answer questions you may have about fishing the St. Maarten/St. Martin waters/ and charters in general. If you have a question you don't find answered here, please e-mail us. Our goal is to make this area of our site as informative as possible and your input will help us achieve this, so thanks for the questions!

Question: We have never been fishing before, can we expect to catch fish on our first charter?
Yes, we cater to everyone from the most inexperienced to seasoned experienced anglers. If you have never done this before we are eager to help you develop your skills and become an accomplished angler.

Question: What happens if the weather is too rough for fishing?
We will make every effort to take you fishing on the day you have booked us. If we cannot make a trip because of adverse weather we will offer you the next available day

Question: Is there anything I need to bring on a charter besides food and drink?
Yes, sunglasses and a hat, sun screen, you may want to bring a camera and we will allow you to bring tackle if it is suitable for saltwater fishing. (We realize some anglers have their own favorite or lucky tackle and we will rig it for the type fishing we will be doing.)

Question: What is Light Tackle?
Light tackle is fishing tackle fitted with 6 to 30 pound test line, and most is spinning tackle. This tackle gives you the most action and does not require brute strength but finesse to land a fish. It is fun and gives the fish a fighting chance. It is light enough that women and children can handle it and enjoy the thrill of saltwater sportfishing.
Question: What if my question isn't answered here?
Just e-mail us your question or questions and you will receive an answer. Questions of general interest will appear on this section of our site, we encourage you to help make this an informative site for visitors. Thank YOU !

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